Day 88: Exam Day

My AP Physics 1 and 2 students are taking their exam! Since I have them for two periods a day every day, there are two times on the exam schedule when I can give them an exam. Both times are today. I'm giving them two exams.

The first exam is the same exam I'm giving my AP Physics 1 students. My friend Linda Bugosh, who also teaches AP Physics 1, and I got together and wrote a five-question, 90-minute exam that covers what we did first semester in class: forces, energy, work, and momentum. I'm impressed at how it came out; it really gets to some of the themes of AP Physics 1 that I'm only understanding deeply as I teach the class. 

The second exam, well, I'm not as happy with it. It's 15 multiple choice and 3 free response on all the topics I did this semester with AP Physics 1 and 2 that I didn't get to in AP Physics 1. Since I didn't have anyone to collaborate with to write this exam, I don't like it as much because I haven't gone over it as closely as I have with the AP Physics 1 exam. It seemed to take the whole period, and all the students wanted to talk about it after the exam. I just wanted to use the bathroom.