Day 100: Magnetic Induction

I got confused today in class.

Class started great. We discussed that the magnetic field seems to created when the electric field changes. So is an electric field created when the magnetic field changes? We had lots of loops of wires connected to sensitive voltmeter, ammeters, and galvanometers, so we could test it. We saw that the changing magnetic field does make an electric field, and we figured out it doesn't matter if the wire moves or the magnet moves.

Then, we had to figure out if we could predict the direction of the current that was induced. We tried to explain it, and I kept getting confused. It didn't seem to jibe with Lenz's Law. I couldn't figure it out. After a bit of stress sweating, I just had to let it be and teach Lenz's Law.

At the end of the day, I tried it again. What was I doing wrong? It worked perfectly. I could explain it easily. That kind of momentary brain lapse happens.