Day 59: Buoyancy & Clicker Questions

No picture today. Today felt luxurious. The first block of 50 minutes was spent whiteboarding four problems, along with a few demonstrations of Pascal's Principle (Pascal's Demonstrator has never worked better; I've learned, through experience now, to bring students close but not too close, and to fill the demonstrator up in a translucent tub full of water) and the pressure globe

The second half of class was spent on clicker questions. I haven't done clicker questions in a long time. The clicker presentation was made back in '08, the first year I taught AP Physics B. I remember how difficult the questions were, how the students struggled, and how I felt helpless to help them think like a physicist. This year was so much easier, probably mostly because my students are smarter, more engaged, and more interested in thinking, with a little help from me being able to help spark those qualities and answer their questions better.