Day 63: Finishing Fluid Mechanics & Starting CASTLE

We worked on some more examples of fluid mechanics, but it wasn't that groundbreaking. I let them practice how they needed to practice, which, for most of them, was alone. 

We then moved on to the beginning of electricity. In previous years, I started with electrostatics, but I wanted to go right into electric circuits this year. I feel it's more understandable and there are many more labs for electricity. We started with a great lab based off of The Private Universe video, which was made by my science methods professor from grad school. I ask them two questions: "Why are there seasons?" and "Given a lightbulb, battery, and wire, draw how you'd light a light bulb." Then I have them try it with a lightbulb, a battery, and an unbent paperclip. Many hot paperclips ensue until everyone in the class can find all the ways you can light a lightbulb with just one wire and one battery.