Day 68: Circuits & Penguins

We learned how to use voltmeters and ammeters today. We wanted to quantify how to measure electric pressure difference and flow rate. 

After measuring electric pressure difference in seven different circuits at many different points in every circuit, we whiteboarded our data with our physics goggles on. (By physics goggles, I mean without making a big deal about tiny differences and while looking for patterns we see in the data.) We seemed quickly to come to consensus about how the electric pressure goes up in the battery and then down in the lightbulbs.

We then changed our multimeters from voltmeter mode to ammeter mode. I made a big deal about this this year; after replacing seven fuses last year, I wanted to put a fear into using the ammeter. I might have given them too much fear. I'll take it, though. After whiteboarding the circuits from the ammeter, we saw another pattern. The flow stayed the same unless it split.

We'll see how current and voltage relate tomorrow.